Welcome to 3Builders.org

 Welcome to 3Builders.org!
Our server supports all java versions from 1.7.2 up to the current version and we support bedrock players you can join using mc.3builders.org.

Note: The supported versions can change at any time and without much to no notice. also, please allow us time to get full support back up after a new version drops. This also applies to bedrock support

Discord Server:

Faster updates on what’s happening than the website

Custom roles

Staff members ready to help

A community that is growing

This is your classic survival-style server. you can buy and sell items and you can build amazing bases with your friends and not have to worry about getting griefed
This server is your classic plots stile server you can go in and claim a few plots and build whatever you like
Want a Chalenge Well heres one for you try surving one a small island
Team up with your friends and build a base and gain power as you become a stronger team. Use your teams skill to raid other teams bases all while defending your own
Build a Town and invite firends just like faction you can gain more power the more peploe you have.
Are you bored and wanna do some grinding well here you go you can mine for hours working your way though the mines leveing up your pickaxs
You hate rules and othoriy! want to hack go ahead! wanna kill some 420 times feel free. wanna find a bug and push minecraft past its limits.

1.19.1 and 1.19.2

we have added support for 1.19.1!! despite my disapproval of the new chat report fetcher it looks more and more likely I’ll

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Server info

I Have just installed a battery backup to the server with that being said if the power does go out in my

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