Welcome to 3builders Community
➣ Welcome to 3 builders.org Community
➣ We are a gaming community that started from Minecraft and now is expanding out into other game such as
➣ Cold War
➣ Gta v
➣ VR chat
➣ Have Fun !!!!
We also offer:
➣custom roles
➣Active staff members ready to help
➣Active community that is growing
➣ Self-promo
➣We also have a website with all the info on it as well as some bonus fetcher
MC Server info
We are a 1.17.1 no rules survival server or the youngest server on Minecraft. Admin will use their power to keep the server up and running. Create a 1.17 or 1.17.1 java version, then go to servers and ( mc.3builders.org or 3builders.ddns.net ) then you’ll be in We have four worlds :
Other Worlds:
➣parkour map
➣amazing looking HUB


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