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How to Join the Minecraft server?

To join the server create a Minecraft java version that’s between 1.7.2 – current then go to multiplayer and push add server name server then type in our IP or

How to join the server if you use BedRock?

If you want to join in bedrock go to servers scroll all the way down and add an additional server and use and you’re in(PS This works for mobile and PC/MAC editions of BedRock Not sure if this works on consoles )

Does the server support cracked accounts?

No, the server does not support cracked accounts and it won’t ever be supporting cracked accounts

Do we allow mods or hack clients?

we do not allow them

What happens when I get banned?

If you were to get banned you can go to the Support page to the summit and ban appeal.

What if I find a bug?

If you find a bug please don’t mention it in-game chat or in our discord please go to the Support page and submit a bug report there.

I have a suggestion for the server

if you have suggestions we have suggestions forms you can fill out on the Support page please note that not all suggestions will be added.

I Need support from the admins but there not online what do I do

There are two things you can do one of them is to go into our discord server and open a support ticket in  #│⁉│support. The second thing you can do is click on the chat with us button which will be there if admins are online and able to help.

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