3Builders.org RULES

Community rules

1: The owner can change or add rules at anytime

2: All bugs and suggestions that are posted in the discord server or in-game chat will be ignored by the owner please submit your bug or suggestion here https://3builders.org/support-page/ if that’s not working open a Support ticket in the Discord

3: don’t share other mc server links on this server and don’t talk about playing/joining on other servers keep that in DMS

4: no sharing discord links

5: no advertising in any way shape or form

6: This is not a place to talk politics and or about what’s happening in the global news

7: please do not @ Admins or Moderators if you need help please open support instead of @ us    open a support ticket in the discord

8: RACIAL SLURS or Transphobic Remarks Will result in an instant ban no question asked (This includes usernames!! please note I can see all username changes in discord )


10: If you are a Digital marketer or whatever:

1: I don’t need your overpriced service

2:If you bother me and ask I won’t be nice and I will ban and block you (you have been warned)

Minecraft Server Rules

1: no! we will not give you staff/admin/op so don’t waste time asking.

2: I won’t give you anything or game mode so don’t ask

3: Keep hacking in Anarchy world!!!!