Server/Discord Rules

Rules for in-game and discord

1:no stealing or griefing unless in Anarchy world

2:The owner can change or add rules at anytime

3:no, we will not give you staff so don’t waste time asking.

4:I won’t give you anything or game mode so don’t ask

5:don’t share other mc server links on this server

6:Don’t talk about playing/joining on other servers keep that in DMS

7:no sharing discord links

8:don’t advertise in anyway shape or form

9: please do not @ Admins or Moderators if you need help please open a support instead of @ us

10:RACIAL SLURS or Transphobic Remarks Will result in an instant ban no question asked

11: DO NOT SEND FILES THROUGH CHAT SUCH AS .exe .jar .msi .zip

12: LINKS TO TERMS OF SERVICE AND COMMUNITY GUIDELINES Discord Terms of Service | Discord Read about Discord’s Terms of Service. Discord Community Guidelines | Discord These community guidelines are developed to make sure everyone on Discord has a good time making great memories.

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